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Telefon : +36-1-258-33-63, Telefax: +36-1-257-04-86 e-mail: mondotradekft@gmail.com

The company is primarily an international freight forwarding agency. We accept orders from 1 ton to 24 tons, for trucks, vans, refrigerators and boxed trucks, that are all over Europe and even the former Soviet Union countries have extended.

To Russia we have repeatedly delivered to hospitals special medical equipment, parts, where - since then - have hundreds of people healed, relaxed thank to us.

From Italy is also a number of orders we have fulfilled. One of the great - more means of transport needs - domestic orders is one of the well-known university, where he has built in various seats. Thus, directly or indirectly we participated in the prospective colleagues, professionals in training as well.

From Germany there were several hundred tons of quality beer product delivered in a large order of a food chain, for the beer-lovers delight.

As you can see it above, we have a very colorful palette of freight.

Currently, we concentrate on the Eastern and Northern areas, mainly European, such as Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia. Subcontractors, and clients can be found, moreover, between the Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Ukrainians and Russians. Subcontractors, telephone contact with their carriers transport vehicles, trained staff, good traceability, liability insurance carriers, and CMR insurance.

With our relations through customs place in Budapest, Cegléd, Záhony and Tuzsér we can help to our customers. For instance a simple customs clearance, storage, loading, load adjustment so wide spectrum of services.

For special request of our customers we can make marinal and cargo insurance, on the basis of the contract with Generali Insurance Company.

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