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"Let me introduce our company below." Do you recognize the initial phrase? For most companies, the Company profile is made up of any general economic index, figures, charts. We do not do the same! Instead, we tell you a secret, and briefly show you why our company successfully works with more than 20 years on the international freight forwarding market.

The company was founded in 1991, has been steadily trying to customers with flexible and people friendly, cultured and quality service to cope with. This sounds all well and good, but how can this happen in reality?

The flexibility and our people tangible proximity, which is also proved by the following pictures. The images portray as a Chinese air shipment is received - as requested by our client - and was loaded on a road freight device by us.

Cultured and quality service to our customers allows the appropriate level of staff training, foreign language skills and business experience gained in many years. The background to the appropriate quality system is ISO 9001:2009 quality assurance gives. Insurance for shipments in the Generali Insurance has a contract with.

I hope we managed to make interest in our company. Come in and look around our site! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we try to answer soon.
CEO and founder
Olga Kalocsai

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